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Common Ground

The politics of archaeology in Jerusalem

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The Vanishing

The plight of Christians in an age of intolerance

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Same Old, Same Old

Palestinian-Americans on the meaning of Donald Trump's presidency.

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Discussing the “Radical Otherness” of Israel with Frédéric Brenner

"Only such a spectrum of perspectives could really do justice to the complexities and to the fact that Israel is totally un-understandable."

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The Other Zionism

The main current of Zionism has always nourished itself on the illusions that the Jews were “a people without a land” returning to “a land without a people.” But there…

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A Jerusalem Education

“It gradually dawned on me that since 1967, I had made very little progress in seeing Arabs or empathizing with their plight.”

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Brokers of Deceit: How the U.S. Has Undermined Peace in the Middle East

Rashid Khalidi on how the United States sustains the failure of the Israel-Palestine peace process

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Weekly Review

A Small Family. Mitt Romney won the first stage of the Republican leadership race, beating Rick Santorum by eight votes, 30,015 to 30,007, in the Iowa caucus. “This has been…

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