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Parental Guidance Suggested

From a speech delivered in September to the Boca Raton School Board, in Florida, by an elementary school teacher concerned about the behavior of parents during their children’s remote-learning classes.…

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Other People’s Children

When we are asked if we like children, we are used to saying that it depends upon the child; that we like some children, just as we like some grown…

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In Praise of Boredom

The world into which I was born no longer exists, of course. I’ve been around for almost half a century, so it was inevitable. My parents — one French, raised…

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My eleven-year-old daughter, Lola, is short for her age, wiry, and fast. Her body type and skill set are not ideally suited to basketball, yet this is the sport she…

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On Being a Stepparent

In my mid-forties, I married a man who had joint custody of two children, both boys, from a previous marriage. The boys, Jed and Jason, were nineteen and fifteen. Not…

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The Donor

He’s been a central character in the story for as long as Chris and I have been telling it to the kids. “We had Emma’s egg but we didn’t have…

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Part Neither, Part Both

The hospital room in which I recovered from my caesarean section was as cold and ugly as any hospital room anywhere, but because it was high on a hill in…

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Self-Portrait with Daughters

It was summer and I was a new father, to eight-month-old daughters. I was the pilot of a car trip: New York City to somewhere near Lake Michigan — a…

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Curling Parents and Little Emperors

Soon after my book Bringing Up Bébé appeared, in 2012, I discovered an animated video made by a company in Taiwan. In it, a woman who’s supposed to be me…

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August 2015

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