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Kids Say the Darndest Things

From a conversation between Olaf Scholz and two eleven-year-olds, Pauline and Romeo, who were interviewing candidates for chancellor of Germany. The exchange aired in September on Late Night Berlin. Scholz…

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A Zoom with a View

From behaviors engaged in by politicians and other government employees around the world during virtual meetings last year. Removed her shirt and bra during a meeting with her political party,…

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Straight Talk Express

From an interview given to talkRADIO on June 25 by Boris Johnson, a former mayor of London and current British M.P. who, at the time of publication, was considered a…

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Swamp Things

From reported behaviors of Republican legislators who were elected or reelected in November. Posted erotic drawings of bigfootVoted to make it legal to kill hibernating wolves and bearsBragged about shooting…

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Angle to Montgomery

Justin Barkley and I met as freshmen in college. He was the soft-spoken kid with an Alabama accent who lived down the hall. His roommates were all jocks of one…

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Clowning Achievement

From an open letter written in March by Bernhard Paul, founder and director of Germany’s Circus Roncalli, to Peer Steinbrück, the Social Democratic candidate for German chancellor, who in February…

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Neil, prince of Bush

Why the latest outrage by a president's brother has provoked so little outrage

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Junk politics

A voter's guide to the post-literate election

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November 2003

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