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Insider Trading

From a bill proposed in the Massachusetts legislature in January. The Commissioner of the Department of Correction shall establish a bone marrow and organ donation program and a bone marrow…

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All Work and No Pay

From interviews conducted with incarcerated and formerly incarcerated laborers by employees of the American Civil Liberties Union and professors and students at the University of Chicago Law School. field labor…

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Soul Proprietor

From Sentence, a memoir, which will be published next month by Viking. The entire time I was in prison, I owned a typewriter, and it was on this typewriter that…

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Murder, He Spoke

From publishers’ descriptions of audiobooks recorded by Edmund Kemper for The Blind Project. Kemper was convicted of murdering his grandmother, grandfather, mother, and seven other girls and women between 1964…

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Another World Is Possible

When I moved to New York City in 2008, my perception of safety (and everything else) was conditioned by a lifetime of American cop shows. Though I’d grown up in…

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Daydream Believer

From Magnetized: Conversations with a Serial Killer, a collection of interviews he conducted with convicted murderer Ricardo Melogno, which will be published in June by Catapult. In 1982, at the…

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Gruel and Unusual

From complaints filed since 2015 by inmates at the Morgan County jail, in Alabama. The complaints were included in a lawsuit filed last year against Ana Franklin, the county sheriff,…

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Silver Linings Daybook

From letters sent by Arsenii Formakov to his family, in Riga. Formakov was a Latvian poet, novelist, and journalist. In 1940, he was arrested for anti-Soviet activities and sentenced to…

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Christmas in Prison

Greeting the holidays in an age of mass incarceration

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