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Public opinion


From the 500 least popular lectures out of the more than 1,600 available on the website of TED, a nonprofit organization that aims to “bring together the world’s most fascinating…

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Change in the Air

When Bill de Blasio won the New York City mayoral election with 73 percent of the vote, I couldn’t help but wonder whether it was the start of something big. For more…

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Dissolve Congress

A cure for constitutional crisis

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Snark de Triomphe

From insults reportedly made to French presidents, collected in De voyou à pov’ con, by Raphaël Meltz, published in 2012 by Robert Laffont. (See page 38 for an Annotation on…

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Après Mots, Le Déluge

Fighting for the right to insult the French president

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Secretary of Nothing

John Kerry and the myth of foreign policy

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Changing Partners

Can Hassan Rohani end the Iranian impasse?

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To Coldly Go

From focus-group comments on the redesigned Canadian five-dollar bill, which depicts an astronaut floating beside Canadarm2, a robotic arm invented in Canada and used on the International Space Station. The…

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Power Rangers

What, then, is the Washingtonian, this smug and satisfied man? Behold him as he ambles toward you on the sidewalks of Capitol Hill, phone clamped to his ear, talking loudly…

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