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War No More

The surprising legacy of a ninety-year-old peace pact

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Horror Show

The nightmare logic of Twin Peaks

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The Lives of Others

Does the social novel have a future?

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New Television

The new docudrama The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story (FX) isn’t really about Orenthal James Simpson. It’s about the trials that ran alongside his — those informal,…

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Time’s Current

The autumnal works of James Salter

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New Books

Tom Wolfe is back with Back to Blood (Little, Brown and Company, $30) and I have to confess, after wading through this multiculti, multilingual, punnyfunny Miami miasma, that it’s difficult…

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November 2001

“An unexpectedly excellent magazine that stands out amid a homogenized media landscape.” —the New York Times
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