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Sex discrimination against women

Cat Ladies

From a study published in Biological Conservation by scientists at Nanjing University. The article, titled “Where there are girls, there are cats,” was published in February, then retracted without explanation.…

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Fifty-Fifty Follies

Last spring, the BBC officially took up a “50:50 challenge” to achieve an equal number of male and female experts on news and current-events shows within the following year. We’re…

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Gender Binary

By Ellen Ullman, from Life in Code, which will be published next month by MCD, an imprint of Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Ullman is a former computer programmer and the…

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Shop Tools

From testimony given last November by Randy Cosby, a district manager of AutoZone, in a gender-discrimination case brought against the company by Rosario Juarez, a former employee at a California…

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Lab Rats

From recent posts made to, a forum that collects accounts of discrimination and harassment against women studying or working in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. I am a postdoc…

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The mystique of British clubs

Still pillars of the English way of life, they are being nibbled by two sets of termites--women and businessmen

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Nobody here but us pompadours

A tale of women, politics, and the New Frontier

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