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Talk of the Town

From descriptions of popular Twitter conversations in 2022, as summarized by the company. The topics were archived by People think actor Mickey Rourke bears a resemblance to Val Kilmer…

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Mother Knows Best

From a lawsuit filed by Devin Nunes, a U.S. representative from California, against the Twitter user Devin Nunes’ Mom, whose identity is unknown. Nunes has denied the claims made by…

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Reality Check

On the morning of May 26, Donald Trump posted a pair of tweets about voting by mail. “There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In Ballots will be anything less than…

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Preservation Acts

Toward an ethical archive of the web

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The Other Whisper Network

How Twitter feminism is bad for women

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Trumpeter Storm

Donald and Melania Trump go to Texas. 

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Never Would I Ever

From statements Donald Trump has made in speeches and on Twitter over the past two years.

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Dealmaker in Chief

Trump’s economic authoritarianism

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Love Machine

From tweets by @wikisext, a Twitter bot that creates sexual messages from random combinations of text found on wikiHow.

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June 2016

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