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The Eros Monster

Breaking free without breaking up

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Built to Spill

From a conversation about Afghanistan between the Iranian writers Salar Abdoh and Mohammad Hossein Jafarian, which was published in September by Guernica. salar abdoh: Do you think that America was…

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Long Shot

The story of a Kurdish sniper

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Tipping Point

In Jharkhand, women take on the timber mafia

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Women’s Troubles

By Abby Norman, from Ask Me About My Uterus, which was published last month by Nation Books. Norman is an editor at Futurism, a science and technology website.

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The Other Whisper Network

How Twitter feminism is bad for women

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American Women

I am an American woman but I had no opportunity until a few years ago to know women in America. Living as I did in China, it is true that…

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December 2017

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