Findings — From the August 2013 issue


The first Iago sparrows known to have reached Europe arrived by ship in a Dutch port and immediately fought and had gay sex on deck. The genital tubercles of quail and chicken cocks are capable of growing into penises but are prevented from doing so by programmed cell death. Korean researchers glued a dead bumblebee to a toothpick and made buzzing noises, scaring varied tits. The nightjars of Brownsea Island were being distracted by birdcall smartphone apps. Urban German blackbirds rise earlier and fall asleep later than their forest-dwelling peers. Entomologists were confused about why pirate ants have distinctive eye patches even though they mate in the dark. Vanda Pharmaceuticals claimed success with an experimental drug designed to reset the circadian clocks of blind dyssomniacs. Sleep-deprived Arkansan men overestimate women’s interest in casual sex, and marriages that begin in online virtual worlds are happier than all those that begin in real life, with the exception of spouses who grew up together. On No Name Road in Big Pine Key, police removed from the head of a key deer a bag of Doritos Dinamita Chile Limón Rolled Flavored Tortilla Chips. Police dogs in Washington State were receiving marijuana-desensitization training. The faces of Lego people were growing angrier.

A previously undistinguished mathematician made significant progress on the Twin Primes Conjecture. “The Sieve of Eratosthenes does too good a job,” said a number theorist. “His sieve doesn’t do as good a job, because you’re not using everything you can sieve with.” New York heart-failure patients are likeliest to die if admitted to hospital overnight on a Friday in January. Stress strengthens atheists’ faith in science. Young people who describe themselves as “religious and spiritual” or “religious but not spiritual” are less prone than the “spiritual but not religious” to commit property crimes. Hispanic children exhibit a high degree of interest in spiritually meaningful dreams. Beaumont, Texas, produces the saddest tweets. Six percent of Americans find backseat drivers to be most annoying when they sing. Ocher starfish whose central discs are kept at 88°–95°F for days on end will abandon one of their legs. Young male burying beetles who are uncertain of their own paternity make the worst fathers. Chimpanzees and bonobos throw tantrums after making bad decisions. Male dark fishing spiders, after mating, curl up and die. Penile-crush injuries from falling toilet seats continued to rise among toddlers. “You think of the bathroom,” said the study’s lead author, “as a safe place.”

Scientists proposed that perimeters of yellow could keep fields of modified red rape free of pests. Feeding pigs saturated fat does not make their bacon more delicious. Dead jellyfish sink faster than expected. The Pleurobranchaea californica slug can learn not to eat the Spanish shawl, though it will still do so if ravenous. “My supplier from Monterey had just sent me these beautiful Spanish shawls,” explained the marine biologist who made the accidental discovery. Male bottletail squid prefer to mate with large females, who are less likely than small females to use the males’ sperm solely for food. Google, whose sexual-health awareness campaign may have doubled infidelity in rural Uganda, launched the first balloons of Project Loon, which seeks to encircle the planet with rings of Internet-supplying stratospheric balloons. Though American children grow more disobedient than Nepalese children as they age, both agree that one cannot simply choose to float in the air. Whether a blue ball attacks a yellow cube, or a yellow cube a blue ball, human infants prefer the victim.

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Findings From the August 2015 issue


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  • dovhenis

    If I told you once I
    told you a million times: Genes and genomes are ORGANISMS.


    - Sleep

    - Identical Twins

    - Depression

    - Treatment Time

    Re-Comprehend Sleep

    Genes are life’s primal organisms, evolved from RNA
    nucleotides by the ubiquitous natural selection. Originally they were active
    ONLY during daylight time, at the pre bio-metabolism era.

    Thus sleep is innate for all organisms, including
    for the genomes, which are the template organisms evolved by the RNAs for their
    own survival activities, as all life evolves for the purpose of supporting the
    RNAs survival.

    The most essential energy requirements for
    organisms is for the sleep time housecleaning of their neural
    system centers (tryptophan to serotonin to melatonin). As bio-metabolism
    evolved it furnished indirect energy for this purpose, enabling adaptable flexible
    sleep times for the organisms.

    Learn, re-comprehend sleep…

    Dov Henis (comments from 22nd century)


    Genome is a base organism evolved, and continuously modified,
    by the genes of its higher organism as its functional template.


    Behavior, genetics, Epigenetics…


    5. Natural Selection is a trait of organisms, life?

    No. Natural selection is ubiquitous for ALL mass
    formats, all spin arrays. It derives from the expansion of the universe. All
    mass formats, regardless of size and type, from black holes to the smallest
    particles, strive to increase their constrained energy in attempt to postpone
    their own reconversion to energy, to the energy that fuels cosmic expansion.

    6. Life is an enigma?

    Life is just another type of mass array, a
    self-replicating mass array. Earth life is a replicating RNAs mass format. It
    has always been and still is an RNA world. ALL Earth’s organisms are evolved
    RNAs, evolved for maintaining-enhancing Earth’s biosphere, for prolonging RNAs

    7. Cells are Earth-life’s primal organisms?

    NO. Earth’s life day one was the day on which RNA
    began replicating. RNAs, genes, are ORGANISMS. And so are their evolved
    templates, (RNA and DNA) genomes, ORGANISMS, as evidenced by life’s chirality
    and by life’s sleep.

    8. Circadian Schmircadian sleep origin?

    Sleep is inherent for life via the RNAs, the primal
    Earth ORGANISMS originated and originally active only under direct sunlight in
    their pre-bio-metabolism genesis era.

    9. Epigenetics are heritable gene functions changes
    not involving changes in DNA sequence?

    The “heritable or enduring changes” are epiDNAtics,
    not epigenetics. Alternative splicing is not epigenetics, even if/when not
    involving alteration of the DNA sequence. Earth life is an RNA world.

    10.Genetics drive biology and culture

    NO. It is culture that modifies genetics, not
    genetics that modifies culture. Culture modifies genetics simply via the
    evolutionary natural selection process of the RNA ORGANISMS. Likewise many
    natural genetic changes are due to aging and/or circumstantial effects on the
    genes and/or genomes ORGANISMS, similar to aging and/or evolutionary processes
    in mono-cell communities or in multi-celled organisms.


    Darwinism and Pavlovism to genes-genomes ORGANISMS.

    Dov Henis (Comments From 22nd Century)

    Seed of Human-Chimp Genomes Diversity

    Universe-Energy-Mass-Life Compilation


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