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Dana Jill Simpson Issues Press Release


Harper’s has received this press release from Dana Jill Simpson concerning recent developments in the Siegelman case, reproduced in full below:

Truth is marching on. I will not allow Middle District U.S. Attorneys Laura Canary or Louis Franklin to deter me from testifying before Congress.

Initially, I was shocked to read the false and gross distortions issued in a press release by Middle District U.S. Attorneys Laura Canary and her assistant Louis Franklin regarding my role in the controversy surrounding the Don Siegelman/Richard Scrushy prosecution.

It is my understanding that it is a violation of the ethical rules governing prosecutorial conduct to issue this type of press release when a case is still pending in the courts. I want the citizens to be aware that prosecutors are supposed to be “shepherds of justice”. When a government attorney with enormous resources at their disposal abuses power and ignores ethical standards he and she not only undermine public trust but inflict damage beyond calculation to a system of justice. This alone should compel the responsible and ethical exercise of this power. However, these individuals appear to be ignoring this duty.
It has been suggested in recent reporting that I am a Democrat, when I can verify that I have been a long-time Republican and worked in Governor Bob Riley’s campaign for Governor. There have been reports insinuating that I am an attorney for Mr. Scrushy, which is false. I have never been retained by, nor have I ever received any monies from, Don Siegelman or Richard Scrushy.

I will quote my grandfather, who told me as a young girl that only, “a hit dog hollers.” I knew when I decided to get involved in this matter that the Riley people would come after me but I am a strong person and I will continue to tell the truth.

When I first got involved in this matter on the Republican side of the fence, I was shocked and sickened to learn of the U.S. Department of Justice’s selective prosecution of Democrats, including former Governor Don Siegelman. I have a legal duty as a licensed attorney in Alabama to report anything that I consider to be unethical or illegal, when I obtain knowledge of same. Over a period of months I received legal advice regarding my ethical duty from a prominent Montgomery attorney, the Alabama Bar Association and a Circuit Judge in DeKalb County, where I primarily practice law.

Mrs. Canary and Mr. Franklin are attacking me personally in an attempt to throw up road-blocks so the truth will not be shown to the public. I will once again state, I am looking forward to raise my hand to God under oath and to testify to these matters recently revealed. I assume that all of the others involved in this horrible travesty of justice, including Mrs. Canary and Mr. Franklin, will be willing to do the same.

One of my favorite verses from the patriotic “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” promises “His truth is marching on.” I hope that it will march to Washington, D.C., for a fair and thorough investigation.

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