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The “Stupidest Guy on the Face of the Earth” Points Fingers Issue [Washington Babylon]

The “Stupidest Guy on the Face of the Earth” Points Fingers


General Tommy Franks was complaining about his job one day, and said: “I have to deal with the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth almost every day.” He was talking about noted neoconservative Douglas Feith, who was then the Pentagon’s undersecretary for policy.

Now note today’s Washington Post item about Doug Feith’s book launch event yesterday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies:

Doug Feith, the No. 3 man at the Pentagon before, during and after the invasion of Iraq, has come in for his share of blame for the failures there–in large part because he led the Pentagon policy shop that badly misstated the case for war and bungled the planning for the aftermath…

Now Feith is showing just how dangerous he can be. He’s written a book designed to settle the score with his many opponents in the administration…

It must have been very difficult being Doug Feith: correct all the time, and surrounded by idiots.

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