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[Washington Babylon]

Election Fraud and Pinching Derrieres: The U.N. mission in Afghanistan


From Laura Rozen:

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has announced that he is ending the appointment of American diplomat Peter Galbraith as his deputy special representative to the UN mission in Afghanistan…The decision was taken after U.S. and other NATO members decided last week in meetings in New York that after a small 10% sample of the vote, they would probably endorse Hamid Karzai’s reelection to a new five year term as Afghanistan’s president.

Galbraith had feuded with his boss, Norwegian diplomat Kai Eide, over how the UN should react to widespread alleged vote fraud in Afghanistan’s August presidential elections…

“The mission is in shambles,” a U.S. diplomat familiar with the UN Afghanistan operation said on condition of anonymity. “The staff is in open rebellion. It is pretty weird that at the United Nations, if you were running around pinching derrieres of female staff, or embezzling funds, it would take months before you were fired,” the diplomat continued. “Or if you were merely incompetent, it could take a year or more. But if you happen to say something is wrong about massive fraud in an election, you’d be gone in a week.”

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