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Something that’s funny because it’s not: “Mads Oyen, a policy specialist at Unicef in New York, suggested removing from a plane any specific seat that had been used by a would-be terrorist. ‘If he used, say, 36E, remove that seat. Then this cannot be tried again.'”;
something that’s not funny because it’s not: “It is worth reminding those who are still not blinded by the media propaganda that Afghanistan is not a British town… but rather Muslim land which no one has the right to occupy, with a Muslim population who do not deserve their innocent men, women and children to be killed for political mileage and for the greedy interests of the oppressive U.S. and U.K. regimes”;
something that’s just funny: the Argentine Elvis

If George Will sides with Brooklyn hipster/gentrifiers
does that make him a liberal? And what about Tim Robbins? Is he really a crypto-conservative–or just a possible ping-pong cuckold?;
and why does Cosmopolitan use such silly words–“package” (penis), “girls” (breasts), “animalistic noises” (loud sounds)?

Dr. Love (real name), a clinical professor of surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine, on the irrational health fears of women: “All of these women I kept meeting who were scared to death if they didn’t eat a cup of blueberries a day they would drop dead.”
Other irrational fears:
dog-killing sidewalks;
airport scanners represent a child-pornography threat;
the racial cleansing of Harlem