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A Harper’s Magazine history of whitewash: John T. Flynn on the Pecora Commission and the Depression, circa 1934: “The Marines Land in Wall Street” (free PDF–and highly recommended);
Christopher Hitchens on closeted Republican conservatives, circa 1987: “It Dares not Speak Its Name: Fear and self-loathing on the gay right” (subs);
and free: Benjamin DeMott on terrorism and 9/11, circa 2004: Whitewash as public service: How the 9/11 Commission Report defrauds the nation”;
and the Harper’s Index searchable archive, for all statistics on “corruption”

What legitimate army doesn’t have robot warriors (forty countries do);
what you’re really looking for are armed dolphins trained to kill;
in comparison, the suitcase bomb seems tawdry

Who cares about Jay Leno in exile?;
perhaps the same folks who concern themselves with the perfectly executed media confession?;
or about what anonymous Facebook employees have to say?