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[No Comment]

A Convergence of Extremes


From Jonathan Schwarz:

This is Bruce Anderson, a conservative British columnist, explaining why he’s supported torture since before it was cool. You see, it’s our duty:

“Before 9/11, in front of some serious lawyers, I once argued that if there were a ticking bomb, the Government would not only have a right to use torture. It would have a duty to use torture…”

Speaking of duty, here’s Osama bin Laden’s 1996 fatwa declaring war on America:

”Terrorising you, while you are carrying arms on our land, is a legitimate and morally demanded duty. It is a legitimate right…”

But obviously Bruce Anderson and Osama bin Laden are completely different: Anderson listed brutality as a right first and a duty second, while with bin Laden it was the other way around.

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