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When is it okay to call a Jew banker a Jew banker? (hint: during a recession);
when is it okay for a writer to tell another writer “you suck and so does your writing?” (hint: guess always and you’re close);
when is it okay for a gay soldier to say he or she is a gay soldier? (hint: after the issue has been thoroughly “studied,” used as a campaign wedge by frightened Obama Democrats, and denounced by sexually-confused Republicans)

If you learn that sex can be so bad you would call it rape does that make you a qualitative researcher? Clearly not;
but then again, if you attend a panel at Davos, it’s completely acceptable for you to have a stupid opinion on a complex issue;
so how is that fair? well, nothing is, really, and it doesn’t have to be, particularly when it comes to writing contests: (Claire Messud: “Here’s the deal: men, without thinking, will almost without fail select men. And women, without thinking, will too often select men. It’s a known fact that among children, girls will happily read stories with male protagonists, but boys refuse to read stories with female protagonists.”)