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June 2000 Issue [Article]

The Cost of Conquest

From the “Special Estimate of Funds required for the service of the Indian Department within the present fiscal year, ending 30th June, 1851,” submitted to Congress November 7th, 1850, by the Office of Indian Affairs.

Objects Amount

For compensation to the three special agents and the necessary interpreters, for the Indian tribes of Texas, including the purchase of presents, authorized by the act of 30th September, 1850 . . . . $15,000

For expenses of holding treaties with the wild tribes of the Prairie, and for bringing on delegations to the seat of government . . . . $200,000

For interest on the amounts awarded Choctaw claimants under the 13th article of the treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, of 27th September, 1830, for lands on which they resided, but which it is impossible to give them, and in lieu of the scrip that has been awarded under the act of 23d August, 1842, not deliverable East, by the 3rd section of the said law, per act of 3d March, 1845, for the half year ending 30th June, 1852 . . . $21,8000

For the removal and subsistence of Indians . . . . $1,500

For liquidated balance found due the Creek Indians for losses sustained during the last war with Great Britain by that portion of the tribe that was friendly to [. . .] the United States, in accordance with the promise of the government, and pursuant to the report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to the Committee on Indian Affairs of the Senate of May, 1850 . . . . $110,417.90

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June 2000

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