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From a lawsuit filed last June by Larry Bryant, president of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, against James S. Gilmore, governor of Virginia.

Besides the defendant’s moral obligation under the U.S. Constitution, whereby he ought to and can help the U.S. government protect all the states from invasion, he has a legal obligation to proceed unilaterally with all deliberate speed to identify, assess, and repel the clandestine invasion of UFOs within Virginia.

The Code of Virginia makes no distinction between an abduction perpetrated by a fellow citizen of Earth or by some extraterrestrial entity sent here to conduct invasive activity upon unsuspecting and unprotected citizens. The defendant knows that Virginia law prohibits (and punishes) abducting, torturing, falsely imprisoning, wantonly impregnating, and nonconsensually surgically altering (via implants) a person. He also knows that he has the power (and the duty) to repel these invasive activities of apparently alien originated UFO encounters; yet he refuses even to acknowledge the existence of the invasion.

Thus, the invasion’s victims continue to be held hostage by the mere fact of the invasion. To its victims, alien rape (being certainly no less a crime than domestic rape) carries with it an exponential stigma upon public disclosure. This reluctance to come forward strengthens the invasion’s clandestine nature—and in the long run puts more and more citizens at risk of becoming its next victims. And finally, the continuing failure of our governmental officials to confront and remedy the reality of this invasion plays into the hands of its perpetrators—be they human, nonhuman, or some combination thereof.