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A story created as part of TimeSlips, a dementia-treatment program in which groups of patients are shown photographs and prompted to narrate them, in order to replace “the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine.”

It’s the middle of the town square, it’s Wednesday, Hump Day.?Millicent couldn’t stop herself from doing the twist. It’s almost over, she’s almost free — he was a rotten husband anyway! She is a liberated woman. She’s burning her bra. She is from Indiana, where the ladies know how to shimmy and shake. Michael Jackson was from Indiana, you know! She’s a secretary, but she shoved that manual typewriter right out the window. She threw her coffee mug at the office wall. The tubas in her head escorted her right out the door — tubas in the elevator, tubas on the street, tubas of celebration! It’s just her and the tubas. And they are saying, Rah, rah, sis boom bah! It’s spring. It surely is spring right now. And it surely feels like it. Next thing she knows, she’s going to flip off her sensible shoes and tap dance with her bare toes on that hot sidewalk.?Just watch her do it!


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September 2013

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