By Any Other Name,

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From terms of address in The Animals: Love Letters Between Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy, edited by Katherine Bucknell, published last month by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Isherwood met Bachardy, a portrait artist, in 1953, when he was forty-eight and Bachardy was eighteen. They remained partners until Isherwood’s death, in 1986.

Darling Cat Horse
Dearest Treasure Dub
Dearest Drubchen
Dearest Raggledub
Dear Longed-for Colt
Sacred Pinknose
Sweet Longed-for Flufftail
Dear Plumed Pleasuring-Plug
Dearest Only Angelhorse
Basket Jewel
Dearest Treasured Trot
Sweetest Silkwhiskers
Treasured Tabbycat
Darling Velvetpaws
Dearest & Best Pinkpads
Spotless Ruffneck
Worshipped Glossyhoof
Bestloved Snowgaiters
Beautiful Sacred Fursaint
Dub’s Own Adorable Snowfur
Sweet treasured and above all others preferred Fur
Hallowed Hide
Old Satin Ears
Golden Love Pluggin
Beloved Brumby
Sainted Rubble
Dearest Love Cob
Darling Sugar-Hoof
Worshipped Plumed Steed
Revered Shag Mane
Worshipped Shiny Rump