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By Moez Surani, from “ . . . Operación Operation Opération  . . .” a collection of the names given to military operations by United Nations member states since 2000, printed in the spring issue of Geist and exhibited in June at Cross Gallery in Taipei.

Noble Eagle
Infinite Justice
Determined Path
Safe Commerce
Secure Tomorrow
Santa Strike
Clothes for Kids
Student to Student
Phantom Linebacker
Tombstone Piledriver
Wolverine Feast
Wolfpack Crunch
Wolfhound Jab
Grizzly Forced Entry
Centaur Strike II
Block Party II
Cajun Mousetrap III
Mandarin Squeeze
Mustang Socko
Tiger Fury
Duke Fury
Phantom Fury
Falcon Freedom
Soprano Sunset
Centaur Showdown
Dragon’s Breath
Squeeze Play
Diablo Reach Back
Rock Bottom

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September 2014

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