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From comments appended to a post made last November on, a “non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders.” The post sought volunteers to guard businesses in Ferguson, Missouri, from those protesting a grand-jury decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown last August.

I’d like to hear what they saw the first night.

Chaos. Police fired upon, retreating, and leaving area essentially in control of looters for several hours. An attempt at burning down a nearby business, but it was saved. Some broken windows. Tonight, they are far better prepared. They have a much larger team, windows boarded up, and are taking measures to counter all threats. That is all I can say without compromising their OPSEC. Those business owners are in very good hands. We just need more. Many hands make light work, as the old saying goes.

What are the laws regarding O/C (open carry) in the Ferguson area? I am considering going, but not if I am armed only with pepper spray.

I believe they have set this up to flush out all of the “state militias” to force-start their revolution. Ninety-nine percent of these people are hiding their faces while the media validates them. Don’t go in naïve of who these people are. Amnesty was no doubt granted for so many of them to be willing to come and fight. Our people will be set up. Please enter this very cautiously. This foe is dangerous and has proven what he is.

How do I travel without getting arrested? I am medical personnel with full assault gear.

Any assistance a local civilian can provide? No law-enforcement or military experience, but some experience in stressful situations, basic first aid, and firearms.

I am a retired Navy MR1 and have been in high-stress situations, but not exactly combat/patrol scenarios. I do have some decent gear, and I have hunted since I was young and always made single-shot kills. I understand this is a last-resort measure against a fellow human, but I am prepared!

You can’t tell me that they didn’t have the resources to maintain law and order, and protect the constitutional rights of all Americans in Ferguson and their property. And they had more than enough time to plan their response.

Stay home everyone. . . . If you shoot someone, even in self-defense, you are going to prison. I cannot believe that fools rush in like this.

Actually, there are some states that have laws to cover you during mob/riot actions (looking at you, Virginia), but I’m not familiar with Missouri.

I just came back from Fergustan, as the guys are calling it. I was one of the first OKers to arrive from out of state. During my watch we had guys rolling in from Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and New York. We have absolutely locked down the 100–200 block of South Florissant Road. Monday night is when 90 percent of the damage took place. I spent the night guarding Sam Andrew’s gun shop while the others got some sleep. (I was well armed!) Tuesday was hearts and minds — we spent most of the day boarding up the businesses we were assigned to protect. Tuesday and Wednesday nights we had zero damage sustained in our area of operations. Plus, the police and Guard finally got off their asses and started doing their jobs.

Missouri has a stand-your-ground law. If these people were to shoot someone after a Molotov was tossed at them, it would be self-defense, clean and clear. And if a jury can indict them for defending against domestic terrorists, then America is already lost.

Four years military, two tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Have gas mask, cold-weather gear, and concealed-carry weapon. Already been filming from rooftops with telephoto without being spotted.

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February 2015

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