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Percentage change in the rate of global carbon emissions in 2014 : 0

Number of previous years on record in which the global economy grew and the carbon-emission rate did not : 0

Percentage of lights in Aleppo that have been extinguished since the beginning of the Syrian civil war : 97

Minimum number of pro–Islamic State accounts Twitter has suspended since October 2014 : 20,000

Minimum number of Syrian adults the Islamic State has recruited since January : 120

Of Syrian children : 400

Amount the National Shooting Sports Foundation has given to collegiate shooting programs since 2009 : $1,118,580

Percentage of women’s college-sports teams that had female coaches in 1972 : 90

That do today : 43

Amount by which the average annual salary of a male nurse exceeds that of a female nurse in the United States : $5,100

Factor by which the number of full-time minimum-wage workers exceeds that of securities-industry workers : 10

By which the total amount of securities-industry bonuses exceeded the cumulative earnings of minimum-wage workers in 2014 : 2

Percentage of political contributions made by pizza companies that go to Republicans : 88

Number of times that Republican state attorneys general jointly filed lawsuits against the Clinton Administration : 5

Against the Obama Administration : 68

Percentage of New York City’s population that is lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender : 4

Of Salt Lake City’s population : 4.7

Portion of U.S. medical students who say that they are uncomfortable caring for transgender patients : 2/5

Average cost of a hospital stay in the United States : $12,000

In Germany : $5,000

Portion of U.S. fast-food workers reporting burns at work who are told by managers to apply condiments to the burns : 1/3

Portion of U.S. firefighters who are overweight or obese : 4/5

Percentage change in the U.S. smoking rate since 2004 : –16

In revenue from U.S. cigarette sales : +36

Portion of cities in Washington State that have banned marijuana shops since the drug was legalized there in 2012 : 1/3

Percentage change since 1999 in the number of drug-overdose deaths among white U.S. women aged 15 to 54 : 382

Percentage of substances seized by the DEA and believed to be ecstasy that test positive for MDMA : 13

Number of U.S. drug-enforcement agents who have admitted to attending sex parties hosted by Colombian drug cartels : 7

Number of accusations of rape, sexual assault, or sex trafficking made against United Nations peacekeepers last year : 51

Percentage of Afghan inmates who say they have been tortured during imprisonment : 35

Number of criminal prosecutions for torture in Afghanistan since 2010 : 1

Percentage of Russians who had a negative view of the United States in 2013 : 25

Who do today : 81

Exchange rate between Venezuelan bolivares and U.S. dollars, as set by the Venezuelan government : 6 to 1

As set by the Venezuelan black market : 250 to 1

Minimum amount New York City has spent to remove wet wipes from the sewer system since 2010 : $18,000,000

Estimated value of the metal particles in U.S. sewage : $3,316,000,000

Factor by which single Americans who use emoji are more likely than other single Americans to be sexually active : 1.85

Estimated number of people forced into marriage in the United States between 2009 and 2011 : 3,000

Minimum number of starving sea lions that have beached themselves on the California coast this year : 1,450

Figures cited are the latest available as of April 2015.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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