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From the titles of computer-science papers published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and retracted after it was discovered that they were written by software that generates fake papers.

Flexible, Wearable Algorithms for Web Services

Investigation on E-Commerce Based on Suffix Trees and Moore’s Law

Game Theoretic and Psychoacoustic Configurations for Access Points

On the Emulation of Expert Systems Based on Development of Agents

Simulating Flip-Flop Gates Using Peer-to-Peer Methodologies

Muss: A Methodology for the Investigation of Sensor Networks

The Synthesizing Write-Back Caches Based on Metamorphic Methodologies

The Linear-Time Algorithms for Emulating Extreme Programming

An Extensive Unification of Lambda Calculus and Reinforcement Learning

Application Research for Robots Based on a Case

Application of Reinforcement Learning in Decoupling Producer-Consumer Problem Based on Combined Gray Neural Networks

A Methodology for the Exploration of Web Browsers

Improving the Internet Using Concurrent Methodologies

The Effect of Pervasive Algorithms on Artificial Intelligence

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June 2015

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