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From emails about an antigay protest organized by the Westboro Baptist Church in 2002. The emails were included in the FBI’s file on Fred Phelps, who founded the church in 1955. Phelps was a prominent civil rights attorney in Topeka, Kansas, until the state disbarred him for ethics violations, in 1979. He died last year, and his FBI file was released in February in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by The Daily Caller.


sunday, october 27
Subject: Bethlehem, PA

Dear Christian Friends at Westboro Baptist Church:

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, who is our Risen Lord & God. I read on your website that you will be picketing Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, on December 6, 2002. I am a representative for the National Socialist Movement in PA, and we would like to participate in this event. When the N.S.M. had our White Unity Rally in Topeka, KS, on the second-to-last weekend of August, the W.B.C. did not denounce us; therefore, the N.S.M. in the Lehigh Valley would like to send a detachment of uniformed n.s.m. storm troopers to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the picketers of the w.b.c.

It is the intent of the National Socialist Movement to work with fellow believers in Christ to defeat the forces of the evil Satanic foe.

We look forward to hearing from you in regards to our participation in the picket.

Yours in Christ!


tuesday, october 29
Subject: Your email to

Hello [redacted],

Thank you for writing!

It is the intent of the Westboro Baptist Church to publish the unperverted, unchanged, pure word of the Lord our God. We do not ask for anyone to stand with us at our open-air services. We do not do storm troopers, uniforms, etc. If any of your members would like to come by and visit while we are in your area, we are ready always to give an answer to any person for the hope that is in us.



tuesday, october 29
Subject: Lehigh University picket in Bethlehem, PA

Dear [redacted],

Greetings in the name of Christ our Lord. We recently got your email and would like to clarify some details. First of all, we do not expect the picketers from the Westboro Baptist Church to wear the uniform of the National Socialist Movement. Only the members of the N.S.M. will be in full storm trooper uniform.

Secondly, when we do attend, would there be a problem with us being a part of the event? We do not want to cause any sort of dysfunction to your event, which could give the enemies of our Risen Lord fuel for criticizing us. We want this event to show that the homosexual lifestyle is not a valid and Christian way of life.

In conclusion, the ZOG (Zionist Occupational Gov’t) controlled media and total infrastructure must be put on notice that homosexuality is an abomination and will not be tolerated. zog does not play fair; therefore, extreme measures have to be employed.

We hope that these negotiations will bear positive fruit to expose the enemies of Christ our Lord.

May the Grace of our Lord be with you and the W.B.C.


tuesday, october 29
Subject: Re: Lehigh University picket in Bethlehem, PA

Hello [redacted],

I want to be very clear with you. We do not want or need any kind of storm troopers at our pickets.

Your words do not sound like Bible words — you hint of some nameless threat against people when you say you don’t play fair. We want no part of this kind of activity. The scriptures do not support any notion that we are entitled or required to resort to violence or threats. We are armed only with words!



wednesday, november 20
Subject: Nazis at Lehigh University Picket


I am a student of Lehigh University. A letter to the editor was published in our school newspaper by a representative of the National Socialist Party, saying they would be attending the picket, too. Two things: (a) Did you know that they would be attending, and if so, (b) What are your feelings about Nazis? Is their rhetoric in line or different from the gospel preached in your church?


wednesday, november 20
Subject: Re: Nazis at Lehigh University Picket

We are not associated with the National Socialist Party in any way, shape, or form. We preach the gospel found in the scriptures — we do not add to or take away from it. Many of our members are attorneys by trade, and we spent many years protecting civil rights for minorities in the state of Kansas.

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