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Estimated percentage change since 2010 in household food consumption in Greece : –15

Amount won by a Czech family in June for completing a reality show that re-created rural life under Nazi occupation : $40,000

Rank of Syria among the world’s largest sources of refugees last year : 1

Number of consecutive years before 2014 that Afghanistan held that rank : 32

Portion of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iraq and Syria under the control of the Islamic State : 1/3

Number of Twitter users who follow @ISILCats, an Islamic State propaganda account featuring pictures of kittens : 5,188

Portion of anti-Muslim discrimination and harassment in France that is directed at women : 4/5

Number of celebrities, politicians, and athletes currently under investigation by British police for sexual abuse : 261

Number of people fatally shot by British police in the past three years : 2

Average number of people fatally shot by U.S. police each day so far this year : 2.6

Percentage of Americans aged 45 to 59 who believe in American exceptionalism : 65

Of Americans aged 18 to 29 : 45

Number of countries that the United States is bound by treaties to defend : 67

Number that China is : 1

Percentage of the world’s cigarettes that are consumed by China : 44

Portion of children in rural China who have been left behind by one or both parents seeking work in cities : 2/5

Percentage of teenagers in Utah who live with their married biological parents : 57

Of teenagers in Mississippi : 32

Percentage change since 2000 in the rate of severe depression among U.S. children and teenagers : –16

Portion of newly formed heterosexual couples who meet online : 1/5

Of newly formed homosexual couples : 3/5

Factor by which white heterosexual U.S. women are more likely than other U.S. women to receive fertility assistance : 2

Portion of Americans who support legally mandated paid family leave : 4/5

Percentage of workers worldwide who do not have permanent jobs : 75

Chance that a white American aged 16 to 24 is neither working nor in school : 1 in 10

That a black American in that age group is : 1 in 5

Percentage of Americans who say that the ability to speak English is an important part of being a “true American” : 66

Who say that belief in God is : 52

Portion of black Americans who view the Confederate battle flag primarily as a symbol of racism : 3/4

Of white Americans who do : 1/4

Confirmed number of Americans aged 112 or older : 10

Number that age listed as alive on Social Security rolls : 4,700,000

Minimum number of people admitted to U.S. emergency rooms in 2012 with injuries from texting : 2,594

Weight, in pounds, of the average American man in 1960 : 168

Of the average American woman today : 166

Factor by which Americans are more likely to be killed by a cow than by a shark : 27

Percentage change in the annual number of bottlenose dolphins beached on the Gulf Coast since the 2010 BP oil spill : +65

Length, in feet, of a motorized killer whale used to scare sea lions away from a dock in Oregon : 32

Minutes after its first launch in June that the whale capsized : 20

Figures cited are the latest available as of July 2015.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.


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