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From a list of rules the Islamic State has imposed within territories it has claimed since 2013. Translated from the Arabic by Asma Ghribi.

Pigeon-breeding is prohibited

Smoking hookah is prohibited

Eating Turkish meat is prohibited

The price of counterfeit goods must be lower than the price of the original product

Wearing Nike apparel is prohibited

The use of Apple devices is prohibited

Playing foosball is permissible only if it does not involve gambling and if the heads of the players have been removed

Skinny jeans are prohibited: men must wear loose-fitting pants with hems below the ankle

Wearing apparel bearing any of the following words or phrases is prohibited: “flirt,” “hussy,” “cupid,” “whore,” “vixen,” “Madonna,” “chorus girl,” “I’m a pretty bitch”

A female nurse and a male doctor must not be left alone without a male chaperone or a group of women

Women who are over the age of fifty are permitted to travel within Islamic State territory without a male chaperone

It is permissible to take an apostate organ to save a Muslim life

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September 2015

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