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Politics and government

French Lessons

The optimists went to the gas chambers (or so it’s been said). The pessimists went to America. The collabos went to Maxim’s (for steak). The orphans went to the country…

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Notes on the State of Jefferson

A secessionist movement brews in northern California

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Blast Rites

From promotional materials for a mobile field altar. In October, the Polish defense ministry announced plans to purchase three hundred altars, which reportedly included chalices, crosses, candlesticks, and camouflage liturgical…

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The Enemy Within

Why the Democrats don’t need Joe Manchin

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You Say You Want a Revolution

Morality is often reduced to choices, and imperfect choices at that. This is the human condition; to accept it and do the best we can is a brave thing, and…

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The Art of Losing

Can Democrats win back postindustrial America?

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The Ideal State

People in Chicago will tell you that there is a happy land not far away. Sitting on the ash heap of their own miseries, they mournfully explain that just over…

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Trumpism After Trump

Will the movement outlive the man?

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February 2020

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