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From headlines that appeared between 1992 and 2014 in the New York Times.

Travel Light? Yeah, Right!

Limit Use of Presidential Perks? Yeah, Right.

Talk to Parents About Sex? Yeah, Right.

The City of Romance? Yeah, Right!

Don’t Worry? Yeah, Right.

Mellowing with Age? Yeah, Right.

King of My Castle? Yeah, Right.

Come as You Are? Hardly.

Truth or Consequences? Hardly.

No Child Left Behind? Hardly.

Those Were the Good Old Days? Hardly.

True Grit? Not So Much, Anymore.

Elite? Not So Much Anymore.

A Wonderful Life? Not So Much.

A Faux Pas? Get Over It!

Madoff Victims, Get Over It.

Geeks, You Are No Longer Victims. Get Over It.

The Cold War: Get Over It.

Food; Get Over It.

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November 2015

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