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Selfie Styx

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From news reports of injuries and deaths since 2014 that occurred during attempts to take selfies.

A Polish couple on vacation in Portugal fell off a cliff while attempting to take a selfie with their two children.

In the Philippines, a teenage girl participating in a group selfie after a birthday party was swept away by a wave and drowned.

An intoxicated Russian man toppled a statue of Lenin by attempting to take a selfie while hanging from the statue’s arm.

A bison in Yellowstone National Park gored a Taiwanese exchange student when she approached the animal to take a selfie.

Two men in the Ural Mountains were killed when they tried to take a selfie while holding a hand grenade with the pin removed.

While taking a selfie on railroad tracks, three Indian students were run over by an oncoming train.

In Mexico, a drunk man fatally shot himself while trying to take a selfie with a gun held to his head.

California doctors injected $83,000 worth of antivenin into the arm of a San Diego man who had posed for a selfie holding a rattlesnake.

While driving to an alligator hunt, a Florida chiropractor filming himself with a video camera attached to a selfie stick collided with the vehicle in front of him, sending a boat through his windshield.

In North Carolina, a woman was killed in a head-on collision with a recycling truck just after posting a selfie and the comment, “The happy song makes me so HAPPY.”

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