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End Notes

From entries in The Book Against Death that were published for the first time in English in the Fall 2021–Winter 2022 issue of Salmagundi. Canetti, who received the Nobel Prize…

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Sea of Tranquility

From Aurelia, Aurélia, a memoir, which will be published this month by Graywolf Press. The driver let me out at the foot of an unpaved lane bordered by trees, their…

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

From a conversation between Olaf Scholz and two eleven-year-olds, Pauline and Romeo, who were interviewing candidates for chancellor of Germany. The exchange aired in September on Late Night Berlin. Scholz…

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The Portrait Gallery

What the American Academy of Arts and Letters taught me about death

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When Children Die

Tragedies in the margins of history

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A Walk to Remember

From At the Center of All Beauty: Solitude and the Creative Life, published this month by W. W. Norton. When I imagine my death, I do not see myself surrounded…

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Running to the Grave

By Barbara Ehrenreich, from Natural Causes, which will be published next month by Twelve. Ehrenreich is the author of more than a dozen books, including Nickel and Dimed (Henry Holt).…

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Document of Barbarism

From The Correspondence of Hannah Arendt and Gershom Scholem. The book was published last month by the University of Chicago Press. Arendt, Scholem, and Walter Benjamin were German-born Jewish philosophers.…

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What Remains

By Richard Lloyd Parry, from Ghosts of the Tsunami, which was published this month by MCD. Parry is the Asia editor of the Times of London. On the afternoon of…

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