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Percentage of likely Republican-primary voters who support shutting down U.S. mosques : 27

Number of days before the Iowa caucuses that Ted Cruz officially entered the presidential race : 314

Length in days of France’s official presidential-campaign season : 13

Estimated portion of French citizens with radical-Islamist beliefs who grew up in Muslim families : 1/5

In Catholic families : 2/5

Minimum number of people providing tech support for the Islamic State : 6

Estimated number of White House aides who manage President Obama’s social-media accounts : 20

Amount the Defense Department has paid U.S. sports franchises for advertising and marketing since 2012 : $53,000,000

Amount of student fees and subsidies spent on public-university sports programs since 2010 : $10,300,000,000

Minimum number of U.S. teenagers who died last year from injuries sustained while playing high-school football : 14

Estimated number of child soldiers recruited in South Sudan during the past two years : 16,000

Number of years that a British couple kept a Nigerian man as a slave before he escaped in 2013 : 24

Combined length in years of the prison sentences the couple received in December : 12

Years in prison to which a New Mexico man was sentenced last year for shooting children with a semen-filled squirt gun : 18

Factor by which the number of reported U.S. syphilis cases has increased since 2000 : 3.3

Portion of new cases that occur in men : 9/10

Percentage increase in the likelihood a gay man will contract chlamydia if he meets a partner through a mobile app : 37

Factor by which a tech job listing is more likely to perform poorly if it includes the phrase “drug-free workplace” : 21

Portion of British children aged 12 to 15 who believe that information retrieved by Google searches is always true : 1/5

Percentage of Americans who believe that the government should be able to censor statements offensive to minorities : 28

Of Americans aged 18 to 34 : 40

Amount the government of New Zealand plans to spend on referenda to choose a new flag : $12,000,000

Percentage of New Zealanders who are content with the current flag : 60

Portion of Americans who believe that their “side” has been losing on important political issues : 2/3

Net change in the number of Mexican immigrants living in the United States between 2009 and 2014 : –140,000

Average number of gallons of water used each day by a typical Los Angeles resident : 107

By a single Bel Air resident : 32,000

Estimated number of people who will be driven into extreme poverty by 2030 because of climate change : 100,000,000

Estimated percentage change in the rate of extreme poverty worldwide over the past twenty years : –66

Chances that an American believes the rate has “almost doubled” over that period : 2 in 3

Number of remaining northern white rhinoceroses : 3

Number of armed guards employed by Kenya’s Ol Pejeta Conservancy to protect them : 2

Total value of assets taken from U.S. citizens by federal law-enforcement officers in 2014 : $5,200,000,000

By burglars : $3,900,000,000

Number of background checks run since 2004 on people on U.S. terrorism watchlists who attempted to buy firearms : 2,233

Number of those people who passed the checks : 2,043

Percentage of the world’s civilian-owned firearms that are owned by Americans : 48

Portion of Americans in 1997 who thought that the American people had a “good deal” of political wisdom : 1/2

Portion who think so today : 1/4

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February 2016

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