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From nicknames given to participants on Let Me In, a South Korean reality-television show, in which a panel of beauty experts approves contestants for a plastic-surgery makeover. The nicknames describe the contestants’ preoperative appearance. Translated from the Korean by Stella Oh.

The Half-Face Bride

The Stinky Young Mother

The Twenty-Year-Old Grandma

The Jimberjawed Twin

The Girl with Giant Gums

The Girl with Four Breasts

The Girl with the Forgettable Face

The Girl with the Disappearing Chin

The Girl Who Cannot Cry

The Girl Who Cannot Smile

The Girl Whose Face Is Bullied

The Girl Who’s Shaped Like a Jar

The Girl Who Looks Like a Rice Scoop

The Girl Who Shaves Her Beard Every Day

A Woman Called a Man

A Clown from North Korea

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April 2016

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