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Estimated number of U.S. children responsible for the caretaking of a family member : 1,400,000

Estimated portion of antibiotics prescribed in the United States that are unnecessary : 3/10

Portion of Americans who favor replacing the Affordable Care Act with a single-payer system : 3/5

Average number of abortions per 1,000 women in countries where abortion is illegal or heavily restricted : 37

Where abortion is legal : 34

Percentage change since 2001 in the number of crimes reported at U.S. universities : –34

In the number of forcible sex crimes : +126

Percentage of Africans who believe that being LGBTQ should be criminalized : 45

Number of children detained by the Somalian government last year under suspicion of involvement with rebel groups : 346

Number of child soldiers recruited by the Somalian national army last year : 218

Percentage change over the past year in the number of foreign fighters joining the Islamic State each month : –75

Factor by which the number of American troops in Iraq has increased since the Islamic State’s offensive of June 2014 : 22

Minimum amount earned in 2015 by traffickers smuggling refugees into Europe : $3,000,000,000

Amount the Swiss municipality of Oberwil-Lieli was fined for refusing to admit Syrian refugees : $292,000

Number of refugees the Swiss federal government had asked it to admit : 10

Percentage of Chinese who would allow a refugee to live in their own home : 46

Of Americans : 15

Number of members of the Prohibition Party, the third-oldest U.S. political party : 30

Tons of trash left in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park by people celebrating the marijuana-themed 4/20 holiday : 11

Percentage of Canadian marijuana users who believe that the drug has no effect on their ability to safely drive a car : 44

Portion of U.S. teenagers who think they are addicted to their mobile devices : 1/2

Number of successive years that the U.S. suicide rate has increased : 15

Date on which Louisiana expanded its hate-crime laws to include offenses against police officers : 5/26/2016

Amount for which George Zimmerman auctioned the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin : $250,000

Percentage of black Chicagoans who say it’s very likely that a young person in their area will fall victim to violent crime : 49

Who say it’s not at all likely : 3

Number of U.S. states in which a 17-year-old criminal defendant is automatically tried as an adult : 9

Percentage of U.S. universities that consider an applicant’s criminal record as part of the admission process : 66

Portion of U.S. school districts that hold active-shooter drills : 2/3

Estimated number of Mississippi public-school students who are subject to corporal punishment : 31,236

Cost of a new high-school football stadium approved this year by a Texas school district : $62,800,000

Percentage change since August 2014 in North Dakota’s tax revenue from oil and gas : –65

Percentage by which weekly U.S. coal production has dropped since January 2015 : 44

Portion of U.S. cities that failed to meet World Health Organization guidelines for air-pollution levels last year : 1/5

Of European cities : 3/5

Estimated portion of U.S. public swimming pools that are in violation of health and safety regulations : 4/5

Number of condoms distributed by the International Olympic Committee for the 2012 London Summer Games : 150,000

For the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games : 450,000

Number of people on the waiting list of a London restaurant where patrons are allowed to dine in the nude : 46,000

Portion of Americans who favor replacing the Affordable Care Act with a single-payer system : 3/5

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August 2016

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