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From a patient guide to the AspireAssist, a weight-loss device that was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in June.

Congratulations on beginning your journey with the AspireAssist! If you’re like other patients, you’ve tried many diets that haven’t worked. The AspireAssist is different. If you follow a few basic principles, such as chewing well, drinking plenty of water, and aspirating, it can be the helping hand you need.

After you eat a meal, the AspireAssist allows you to empty 25–30 percent of the contents of your stomach into a toilet. This emptying process is called aspirating. To start therapy, a thin, flexible tube is placed in your stomach, through your abdomen. The tube connects to a button on the surface of your skin that you will open when you are ready to aspirate. Liquid and small pieces of food will drain from the stomach into the tube, then go into the toilet. Successful patients aspirate three times per day, even when life gets busy. The most important part is chewing your food so that pieces are no bigger than a pencil eraser. You’ll know you’ve chewed enough when the tube doesn’t clog.

After you reach your goal weight, you might begin to ask when you should have the device removed. Many patients worry that they will not be able to maintain their weight loss without using the device. The good news is that if you are still benefiting from the AspireAssist, then you may continue as long as you like.

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September 2016

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