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Mists of Wish and Dream

From the Editor’s Notebook that appeared in the June 1988 issue of Harper’s Magazine. The complete article—along with the magazine’s entire 173-year archive—is available online at The news from…

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Friends Like These

From resolutions passed by the United Nations General Assembly since 1982 for which the United States and Israel were the only two member states, of more than 150 nations, to…

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Courting Disaster

Why liberals should give up on the judiciary

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Private Matters

It is often said that our Constitution is alive. As the Supreme Court reinterprets the law in different eras, our rights both grow and diminish—sometimes with glacial slowness, sometimes with…

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The Fight to Choose

The politics of abortion after Roe v. Wade

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One Manner of Law

The religious origins of American liberalism

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The Wicked Abroad

In Henry IV, the king on his deathbed gives his son and heir the ancient advice dear to the hearts of rulers in dire straits at home: I . .…

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Empire Burlesque

What comes after the American Century?

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Chew Your Own Adventure

From Letter to the Americans, which was written in 1949 after a visit to New York City. It will be published for the first time in English this month by…

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June 2022

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