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From a CIA memorandum entitled “Homosexual Investigations” that was written in 1980 for the purpose of investigating colleagues. The document was published in March by Muckrock.

One of the most common mistakes made by the average person is the conviction that he can recognize a homosexual on sight. This is similar to recognizing a communist. The subject has a mental or emotional problem rather than a physical one. There is no way to spot a homosexual.

Very few employees come to work wearing eye makeup or My Sin. That type of homosexual, needless to say, rarely gets by the personnel interviewer. If he does, the interviewer may bear greater scrutiny.

The homosexual subject is usually regarded as an above-average employee. His work habits are good; he is punctual, responsive to authority, cooperative, friendly, a credit to the organization.

But our subject leads a Jekyll–Hyde existence, aware that his “Mr. Hyde” will be exposed. Our subject is intimately acquainted with a life totally unknown to society in general. He has his own language, his own social customs and mores. He reacts acutely to certain words, certain physical habits, certain affectations of dress. These he knows instinctively; their existence he will deny almost to his last breath.

If our subject is “married” he will be more difficult to detect. Many “upper class” homosexuals seek permanent living arrangements with others of their kind. If the neighborhood is tolerant, they will settle down to domestic bliss of the highest degree. Landlords often encourage rentals to homosexuals, since they are neat, quiet, interested in keeping their apartments in good condition, and dependable when it comes to finances. The “happily married” homosexual wants trouble with no one and conducts himself accordingly.

It should go without saying that none of the subject’s friends, neighbors, or associates can be asked if they think he is a homosexual. That is not a recognized or approved means of ferreting out homosexuals. It is unpardonable.

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