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Estimated payload, in pounds of military-grade explosives, of fireworks purchased annually in the United States :  5,900,000

Of the MOAB, the U.S. military’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb :  18,000

Amount of Vietnam War–era loan repayments that the United States is demanding from Cambodia :  $506,400,000

Estimated number of Cambodian civilians killed by U.S. bombs during the war :  100,000

Amount a U.N.-backed tribunal has spent prosecuting ex–Khmer Rouge members for crimes against humanity :  $293,100,000

Number of people who have been convicted :  3

Estimated amount the U.S. government has spent since 2011 in the search for Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony :  $800,000,000

Date on which the Ugandan government announced it was giving up the search :  4/19/2017

Minimum number of wildlife rangers killed in the line of duty worldwide since 2009 :  595

Portion of UNESCO natural World Heritage Sites in which wildlife criminals operate :  1/2

Maximum amount the Chinese government offers to individuals who uncover foreign spies :  $72,000

Number of hours for which a Britney Spears concert forced Israel’s Labor Party to delay its primary elections :  24

Price per night of the presidential suite in the artist Banksy’s hotel overlooking the West Bank separation barrier :  $965

Portion of U.S. Border Patrol applicants who fail their polygraph tests :  3/4

Percentage change this year in the number of Hispanics reporting being raped in Houston :  –43

Percentage change in absences at elementary schools in Las Cruces, New Mexico, after immigration raids in February :  +148

Portion of the Venezuelan population who live in poverty :  4/5

Percentage of Venezuelans who lost weight last year :  73

Average number of pounds they lost :  19

Value of food stamps used at U.S. military commissaries last year :  $66,978,704

Chances a child in school on a U.S. military base is eligible for free or reduced-cost meals :  2 in 5

Percentage of Mississippi families applying for welfare in 2016 who were accepted :  1.4

Percentage change since 1986 in the number of working-age adults receiving Social Security for disability :  +94

Percentage of worldwide vaccine-preventable mumps cases last year that occurred in the United States :  95

In Canada :  0.3

Percentage of trash at the 2016 Coachella music festival in California that was recycled :  20

At the NorthSide Festival in Denmark :  76

Tons of trash that have been removed from Mount Everest since 2008 :  17

Amount a Sherpa earns for every two pounds he or she removes from the mountain :  $1

Factor by which the temperature increase in Alaska since 1957 exceeds that in the rest of the United States :  2

Amount of time, in minutes, that national nightly news broadcasts spent covering climate change last year :  39

Number of consecutive years for which Fox News has been the most popular U.S. cable news network :  15

Estimated number of Donald Trump’s twenty most engaged Twitter followers that are bots :  14

Portion of N.F.L. owners who donated to Trump’s inauguration committee :  1/4

Estimated amount of U.S. public funds that have been invested in N.F.L. stadiums since 1996 :  $6,700,000,000

Percentage by which the portion of N.C.A.A. women’s head coaches who are female has decreased since Title IX passed :  50

Portion of Germans who belong to the national soccer association :  1/10

Average number of hours by which an hour of running increases one’s life span :  7

Minimum number of U.S. colleges with varsity e-sports teams :  26

Figures cited are the latest available as of May 2017. “Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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