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Factor by which women’s Tinder messages are longer than men’s : 10
Chances that an African-American mother is the breadwinner of her family : 4 in 5
Percentage change since 2011 in advertising spending on TV shows with majority-black audiences : +255
Percentage of U.S. readers who recognize native advertising as advertising : 15
Amount that Carrier promised to invest in an Indiana plant in a deal with Donald Trump to save domestic jobs : $16,000,000
Percentage of that money that will be used for automation : 100
Ratio of the revenue of Detroit’s three largest carmakers in 1990 to that of Apple, Google, and Facebook in 2014 : 1:1
Of the number of people they employed : 9:1
Average monthly rent for a workstation at a New York City co-working space : $1,110
Number of treasure hunters who have died searching for the buried riches of a New Mexico art dealer : 2
Factor by which a poor family in California is more likely to receive welfare than a comparable family in Louisiana : 18
Factor by which the poverty rate has grown faster in U.S. suburbs than in cities since 1990 : 2
Percentage of the U.S. population that lives within ten miles of a Walmart : 90
Amount taxpayers spent in 2013 on food stamps, Medicaid, and housing assistance for Walmart employees : $6,200,000,000
Estimated portion of total food stamps that are spent at Walmart : 1/5
Number of U.S. states that forbid municipalities from banning plastic bags : 9
Factor by which carbon emissions from Norway’s oil exports exceed its domestic emissions : 10
Number of flights departing Phoenix in June that were delayed because it was too hot for planes to take off : 60
Respective ranks of Iran and Iraq among countries whose citizens experience the most anger : 1,2
Of Greece and Iran among countries whose citizens experience the most stress : 1,2
Percentage of Iranian college students who are women : 46
Of Iranian workers : 17
Estimated number of U.S. visa applicants who will be asked for social-media data each year under a new policy : 65,000
Average number of years refugees live in the United States before having paid more in taxes than they’ve received in benefits : 16
Percentage of American adults who say they would run for Congress if they thought they had a chance at winning : 37
Percentage of likely U.S. voters who think that the expense makes it impossible for most people to run for Congress : 71
Number of states that do not have inheritance or estate taxes : 32
Portion of likely U.S. voters who think most members of Congress would sell votes for campaign contributions or cash : 3/5
Who think it’s very likely their own member of Congress has done so : 3/10
Estimated number of additional congressional seats Republicans won last year because of gerrymandering : 22
Number of consecutive days after Donald Trump’s inauguration on which he made an untruthful comment in public : 40
Portion of ex-lobbyists in the Trump Administration who lobbied the agency they now work for within the past two years : 1/4
Portion of Trump properties sold since May 2016 that have been sold to anonymous buyers : 7/10
Amount the Pentagon has spent on forest-pattern uniforms for the Afghan National Army : $94,000,000
Percentage of Afghanistan that is covered in forest : 2
Rank of Georgia among U.S. states and Washington, D.C., in the likelihood that a young person will enlist in the military : 1
Of Washington, D.C. : 51
Rank of first aid among the most popular Boy Scout merit badges : 1
Of bugling among the least popular : 1

Figures cited are the latest available as of July 2017.
“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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