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October 2017 Issue [Readings]

Embarrassment of ‘Wiches

From a correction that was published by the Louisville Courier-Journal in July.

On the following dates, the Courier-Journal incorrectly referred to hot dogs as sandwiches: October 2, 1887; August 10, 1901; March 20, 1904; July 21, 1935; January 14, 1939; May 4, 1941; September 15, 1950; June 29, 1958; November 16, 1961; and August 4, 1966. Among those errors were references to a frankfurter sausage sandwich, a frankfurter sandwich, a Coney Island sandwich, a frankfurter sandwich with mustard, and a frankfurter sandwich with catchup. We deeply regret the errors.

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October 2017

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