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March 2018 Issue

Harper’s Index


Percentage of Belgium’s army that is actively deployed domestically : 13
Pages of shredded files that the Stasi Records Agency in Germany has reconstructed by hand since 1990 : 1,500,000
Hours last year for which Germans were paid to use power because supply outstripped demand : 331
Number of other European Union countries that experienced negative power prices last year : 7
Minutes each day by which Finnish fathers spend more time than Finnish mothers with their school-aged children : 8
Number of other developed nations in which fathers spend more time than mothers with school-aged children : 0
Percentage by which millennial US men are likelier than women to be willing to expatriate for better parental leave : 44
Amount offered by the Indian government to caste Hindus who marry Dalits : $3,925
Number of such marriages the government plans to incentivize each year : 500
Percentage of US news stories about poverty that feature black families : 59
Of US families living under the poverty line that are black : 23
Minimum number of companies and recruiters accused of using Facebook to keep older workers from seeing job ads : 125
Number of staff the Zimbabwean government has guaranteed to Robert Mugabe as part of his retirement package : 25
Of new cars every five years : 3
Acres of land owned by John Malone, the largest private landowner in the United States : 2,200,000
Factor by which that is larger than Rhode Island : 3.3
Estimated number of New York City apartments for which tenants can pay rent in a cryptocurrency : 400,000
Number of tenants who have actually done so : 41
Date on which the drink company Long Island Iced Tea Corp. changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. : 12/21/2017
Percentage change in its share price that day : +183
Date on which Anheuser-Busch sent barley into space to explore the possibility of brewing on Mars : 12/15/2017
Chance that an American would be more likely to buy a beer if it were brewed there : 1 in 10
Portion of Maryland’s licensed medical-marijuana dispensaries that ran out of product within a week of opening : 5/7
Number of US states that plan to use fentanyl for executions : 2
Percentage by which Americans overestimate the number of US prisoners who are foreign-born : 27
Estimated number of accidental gun deaths attributable to a surge in firearm purchases after Sandy Hook : 60
Number of hand grenades seized by Ukrainian police from civilians in 2013 : 120
Last year : 2,200
Ratio of snake-removal to fire-alarm calls that Bangkok’s fire department responded to last year : 9:1
Portion of Cabinet departments whose permanent staff shrank over the first nine months of the Trump Administration : 4/5
Net change in permanent staff at the Department of Justice : ?1,737
At the Department of Homeland Security : +1,190
Estimated number of Homeland Security employees stationed abroad : 2,000
Estimated percentage of Russians who don’t think they have enough information to have an opinion on Donald Trump : 46
Total amount donated by lobbyists registered as foreign agents during the 2016 election : $4,574,661
Percentage of this money donated to Democrats : 54
Number of write-in votes for University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban in the state’s November special election : 414
Estimated number of US private schools receiving public funding that teach a Christian curriculum : 5,071
That teach an Islamic curriculum : 70
That teach a curriculum inspired by L. Ron Hubbard : 5

Figures cited are the latest available as of January 2018. Sources are listed on page 83.
“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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March 2018

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