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From a list of Wikipedia editors that the site has flagged because of long-term abuse.

Catcreekcitycouncil: Inserts hoaxes about lions existing in Montana.

Hanoi Vandal: Fabricates musical collaborations.

JI Hawkins: Inserts vandalism regarding government conspiracies. Most are related to Harland Sanders.

Friends vandal: Vandalizes articles related to the television show Friends. Persistently introduces factual errors regarding the relationship status of the characters.

David Beals: Inserts images of ceiling fans and links to videos of them.

Messenger2010: Claims to be part of a group whose purpose is to spread anti-soybean propaganda.

Muppets LTA: Adds indiscriminate lists focused on “Background Muppets” or “Background Characters” or “Muppet Cameos” or “Not Featured Muppets” across a wide variety of articles related to The Muppets.

Snuffereet: Modus operandi is hard to describe but obvious when found. Fond of nonsense made-up words such as “ba-limp” and various attempts at onomatopoeia. Edits articles such as the Portsmouth Herald, Joel Gertner, Emilio Delgado, Bert (Sesame Street), candlepin bowling, “Losin’ Myself,” Jon Bauman. Only consistent area of focus is the National Wrestling Federation and various wrestlers, especially André the Giant.

Dog and rapper vandal: General disruption on articles relating to dogs and rappers.