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Minutes for which food-storage containers must resist mauling to be designated “bear resistant” : 60
Portion of containers tested by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee that bears are able to open : 2/5
Rank of Paddington 2 among the best-reviewed films of all time, according to Rotten Tomatoes : 1
Number of the twenty highest-grossing films worldwide that are part of a franchise : 19
Percentage of Americans who are concerned that Amazon is forcing brick-and-mortar stores out of business : 64
Who have a favorable impression of the company : 71
Amount by which Jeff Bezos’s net worth increased the day after the launch of Amazon Go, a cashierless store : $2,800,000,000
Rank of cashier among the most common US jobs : 2
Ratio of homeless Americans to empty investor-owned properties in the United States : 1:2
Ratio of the wealth held by the world’s 42 richest people to that held by the poorest 50 percent : 1:1
Number of passengers the Subaru Ascent, a new sport-utility vehicle, is designed to transport : 8
Number of cupholders it has : 19
Portion of US greenhouse-gas emissions that results from energy produced on federal lands : 1/5
Number of US facilities handling toxic chemicals that lie in areas with a high risk of flooding : 1,400
Estimated percentage by which human activity has decreased the distance mammals roam : 66
Percentage by which middle schoolers are less likely to be depressed if they live in an area with dense vegetation : 19
Minimum number of outdoor kindergartens in Germany : 1,500
Percentage of Germans who think their lives are better than they would have been fifty years ago : 65
Of Italians : 23
Estimated number of Britons over 65 who have not spoken with friends or family in more than a month : 200,000
Date on which the UK appointed a minister for loneliness : 1/17/2018
Number of Japanese with dementia who went missing in 2016 : 15,432
Number of residents of Matsudo, Japan, trained to find lost seniors suffering from dementia : 3,000
Percentage of Afghan refugees who have had to flee a second time after returning home : 72
Estimated portion of global migrants who are traveling from one developing nation to another : 2/5
Number of the world’s top 100 Scrabble players who live in Nigeria : 28
Number of US pro-sports franchise owners who have purchased franchises in the eSports league for the game Overwatch : 7
Percentage of Republican and Democratic men, respectively, who believe they are “very masculine” : 39,23
Of Republican and Democratic women who believe they are “very feminine” : 33,29
Estimated number of LGBT American adults who have been subjected to conversion therapy : 698,000
Percentage by which a gay American man earns more than a similarly employed straight man : 10
Percentage of the city council of Palm Springs, California, that identifies as LGBT : 100
Portion of Americans who believe parts of states should have the right to secede : 1/4
Percentage of Americans who believed that Puerto Rico should be a state before Hurricane Maria : 40
After Hurricane Maria : 47
Number of 7-Eleven stores that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided on a single January morning : 98
Number of multistate lawsuits filed against George W. Bush’s administration : 44
Against Donald Trump’s administration in its first year : 35
Percentage change in the portion of Republicans satisfied with the “moral and ethical climate” since Trump’s inauguration : +41
Number of cities on porn actress Stormy Daniels’s 2018 “Make America Horny Again” stripping tour : 28

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April 2018

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