Always Be Baby, by Katrin Roth von Szepesbéla

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From notes on the reported actions of an adult male student at Vancouver Island University who is diagnosed with paraphilic infantilism. The notes were compiled by Katrin Roth von Szepesbéla, the university’s former director of human rights and workplace safety, and included in a complaint that she filed in November with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. Roth von Szepesbéla accuses the university of failing to take action against the student after several teachers and staff members claimed that he sexually harassed them. The complaint was provided by Richard Watts, a journalist at the Times Colonist, in Victoria, British Columbia.

Wants a play area for students

Carries a backpack full of stuffed animals

Email signature contains several pages of quotes from various animals

Filmed puppet play in the forest

Invited another student to make a club for stuffed bears, didn’t hear back

Asked about Winnie the Pooh as a subject for an En­glish class research paper assignment

In En­glish class, asked for children’s stories like Beatrix Potter, Winnie the Pooh, and Curious George

Submitted a number of papers involving diapers

Thinks that professors should read stories to students to help them relax, like the story about the raven and the moon

Shows instructors images of his naked body wearing diapers

Refers to mothers nursing, cradling, and other mother-baby interactions in emails

Submitted picture of himself on laundry room floor, his hand holding up his feet, his buttocks facing the camera

Submitted essay for En­glish 125 that refers to a dirty diaper, baby bottles, desire to suck on a nipple, nap as a baby cradled in a crib

Insists his “bare-bummed video by the river isn’t sexual at all”

Emailed professor alleging she “tattled on him for no reason”

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