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Median number of views a YouTube video had in 2006 : 10,262

In 2016 : 89 

Average amount Microsoft spends each month assisting people who need to change their passwords : $2,000,000

Minimum number of US municipalities that have outlawed crossing the street while texting : 3

Percentage of teens who have received a “sext” : 27

Who have sent a sext : 15

Who have forwarded a sext without the original sender’s consent : 12

Maximum fine for public sexual harassment under a proposed French law : $3,681

Number of years since Belgium passed a law criminalizing sexism in public : 4

Number of people who have been convicted under that law : 1

Percentage of registered US voters who say that Donald Trump is a good role model for young people : 29

Of Americans who said the same of Bill Clinton in 1998 : 18

Average number of additional assaults that occurred in a city when it hosted a Trump campaign rally : 2.3

When it hosted a Hillary Clinton campaign rally : 0

Percentage of biographical Wikipedia pages that are about women : 17

Percentage of US political donors in 1990 who were women : 23

Today : 47

Minimum number of countries since 2012 that have changed their anthems’ lyrics to make them more gender inclusive : 2

Factor by which women who win parliamentary or mayoral elections are more likely to get divorced than women who lose : 2

Number of billionaires in the National People’s Congress of China : 45

Year in which China’s coal consumption is expected to peak : 2018

Number of countries whose first coal plants are being constructed with Chinese financing : 7

Number of minutes by which clocks ran late this spring following power disruptions in Serbia and Kosovo : 6

Number of countries in which clocks were affected : 26

Average factor by which a Seoul city-government employee works more overtime than a South Korean–government employee : 1.8

Time at which Seoul’s government shuts down computers on Friday evenings to force employees to stop working : 7:00

Percentage of US counties in which food stamps don’t cover the cost of three meals a day : 99

Percentage of black American men born into the wealthiest quintile who remain in that bracket as adults : 17

Of white American men : 39

Portion of trauma patients at hospitals nationwide who are admitted for gunshot wounds : 1/25

Of trauma patients at Stroger Hospital in Chicago who are : 3/10

Number of Navy medics who have been trained there since 2014 : 70

Percentage of US secondary-school teachers who were physically attacked by a student in the 2015–16 school year : 2

Of elementary-school teachers : 9

Number of job listings seeking pagan chaplains for UK prisons in February : 7

Percentage by which hamburgers outsold ham-and-butter baguette sandwiches in France last year : 20 

Portion of Americans who have eaten a pint of ice cream in one sitting : 1/2

Portion of those who felt guilty afterward : 2/5

Who felt ill : 1/10


Figures cited are the latest available as of April 2018. “Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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