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Percentage increase since 2012 in the number of Americans who play lacrosse : 35

Rank of lacrosse among sports with the highest rates of concussions in adolescents : 2

Centimeters at which the Korean Basketball League caps the height of foreign players : 200

Portion of players in the 2017–18 Golden State Warriors
roster who would be disqualified : 13/16

Rank of North Korea’s nuclear program among South Koreans’
greatest sources of anxiety : 6

Of air pollution : 1

Estimated average age, in years, of a car in Poland : 17

Number of the European Union’s fifty most polluted cities that are in Poland : 33

Estimated total number of trees that US urban areas lose each year : 28,000,000

Portion of adult New York City apartment dwellers who smelled cigarette smoke from the street or another unit in 2016 : 1/2

Estimated additional rent paid by New Yorkers in 2016
because of Airbnb : $616,743,319

Estimated percentage of homeless people in New York City who are unsheltered : 6

Of homeless people in Los Angeles : 75

Percentage of urban Americans who say they know most or all of their neighbors : 24

Of rural Americans : 40

Percentage of US couples with an annual income of less than $75,000 who are “very happy” with their sex life : 46

Of couples with an annual income of more than $200,000 : 65

Percentage of Irish aged 14 to 24 who consider internet articles useful for information about healthy sexual relationships : 91

Who consider their parents useful : 51

Portion of Irish aged 18 to 24 who believe one can contract HIV from sitting on a toilet seat : 1/5

Percentage of Alabamians who oppose gay marriage : 51

Number of other states in which a majority of residents oppose it : 0

Percentage of LGBTQ teenagers who say they can “definitely”
be themselves at home : 24

At school : 27

Percentage of US public-school teachers who spend their own money on school supplies : 94

Average amount a teacher spends each school year : $479

Percentage change since 2008 in the average US public-school teacher’s salary : –4

Percentage change from 2010 to 2017 in the number of foreign teachers arriving annually to work in US public schools : +140

Percentage of white evangelical Americans who think the United States has a responsibility to accept refugees : 25

Of religiously unaffiliated Americans : 65

Portion of US refugee resettlement offices that have closed since Donald Trump’s inauguration : 1/7

Estimated average number of guns legally purchased in Mexico every day : 33

Of guns smuggled into Mexico from the United States : 246

Percentage change this year in the number of police and public safety officers employed by US colleges and universities : +30

Percentage of US college freshmen in 2010 who described themselves as having a psychological disorder : 4

In 2016 : 11

Percentage of US dog owners who say their pets sometimes have
anxiety or stress issues : 85

Who say they gave their pets medication to manage anxiety, calm them down, or control mood : 8

Minimum number of scientific papers published on nomophobia, the fear of not having access to cellular service : 55

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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