Playing Hard to Wed,

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From descriptions listed on cards included in Arranged!, a board game developed by Nashra Balagamwala, a Pakistani designer, and released in May in the United States. Game play consists of moving a teenaged girl around the board to escape encounters with the aunty, a matchmaker with unsavory suitors in tow. Players can compete as a girl or as the aunty. The following cards direct the aunty to approach or retreat from various girls on the basis of their marrying potential.

You see a girl with naturally light hair.
You see a girl whose skin color is A on the A–Z whiteness chart.
You see a girl whose feet are softer and cleaner than her face.
You see a girl who isn’t fat but isn’t skinny either.
You see a girl with childbearing hips.
You see a girl who makes perfectly round rotis.
You see a girl whose sister is submissive to her mother-in-law.
You see a girl whose parents have been collecting her dowry for ten years.
You see a girl whose aim in life is to have nine children.
You find a girl whose Instagram account is public.
You see a girl with an eyebrow piercing.
You see a girl using public transportation.
You hear a girl talking about traveling with friends.
A girl didn’t look away during the kissing scene in a movie.
You see an unmarried girl riding a horse.