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[Harper’s Index]

Harper’s Index


Percentage increase from 2016 to 2017 in incidents of piracy in the Caribbean : 163

Chance that a migrant crossing the Mediterranean this year would be killed in transit : 1 in 18

That a migrant crossing it last year would be : 1 in 42

Number of cases filed by the Justice Department last year to denaturalize US citizens : 30

Number of new agents ICE plans to hire next year to investigate possible citizenship fraud : 300

Estimated number of voters purged from Georgia’s voter rolls from 2008 to 2012 : 750,000

From 2012 to 2016 : 1,500,000

Percentage of white US Congress members that Amazon’s facial recognition software matched incorrectly with mug shots : 4

Of non-white Congress members : 10

Percentage of Americans who say it’s appropriate to use gene editing to make babies more intelligent : 19

Portion of US adults who think they are more intelligent than their partners : 1/4

Who think they are less intelligent : 1/10

Percentage of California wildfires that are started by people : 95

That are deliberately started by people : 7

Percentage of California homeowners who have earthquake insurance : 13

Percentage chance that an earthquake of magnitude 6.7 or higher will hit California in the next thirty years : 99.5

Height of Bolivia’s new presidential residence, in stories : 29

Rank of the building among the tallest in Bolivia : 3

Factor by which the average length of an economics paper published in an academic journal has increased since 1970 : 3.7

Percentage change from 2000 to 2017 in US consumer spending on music : +25

Percentage of US music-industry revenue that is received by musicians : 12

Portion of NBA revenue that goes to players : 1/2

Of WNBA revenue : 1/5

Age at which a woman’s “desirability” peaks on online dating sites : 18

At which a man’s “desirability” peaks : 50

Percentage of homosexual relationships that begin online : 65

Of heterosexual relationships that do : 38

Chance a cohabitating US adult says their sex life has been impacted by their partner’s bedtime phone use : 1 in 3

Percentage of teenagers who “often” find their parents distracted by their phones during conversations : 14

Who “sometimes” do : 37

Percentage of US teenagers who say they are taking steps to cut back on social media use : 57

Percentage of UK teenagers who say they wouldn’t care if social media had never been invented : 62

Number of US counties in which no local newspaper is available : 176

In which only one is available : 1,449

Estimated number of US newspaper jobs lost since the year 2000 : 241,000

Percentage of Americans with incomes over $1 million whose tax returns were audited in 2012 : 12.1

Whose returns were audited last year : 4.4

Monthly revenue generated by a down-vest-and-jacket vending machine at San Francisco International Airport : $10,000

Percentage of the US population with incomes under $150,000 who have “no interest” in joining the upper class : 57

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