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Number of tickets issued by the New York Police Department for sex in public parks in 2007 : 432

Number it issued last year : 6

Percentage by which membership at Planet Fitness gyms has increased since 2010 : 443

Number of times per year that Planet Fitness gyms offer free pizza or bagels : 24

Percentage of Filipinos who say they like American cuisine : 93

Of Americans who do : 91

Median percentage approval rating worldwide of U.S. leadership : 31

Of Chinese leadership : 34

Number of European Union countries that have agreed to participate in China’s Belt and Road infrastructure project : 15

Portion of the Académie française, the official authority on the French language, who are female : 1/9

Who are non-white : 1/36

Average amount per student by which predominantly white U.S. school districts receive more funding than non-white districts : $2,226

Percentage increase in the number of U.S. college admissions consultants since 2005 : 400

Portion of U.S. parents who say they would pay someone to take an admissions test to get their children into a “good college” : 1/3

Who say they would pay college officials directly : 1/4

Percentage of self-identified U.S. liberals who say it’s acceptable to “stretch the truth” on résumés to get hired : 31

Of self-identified U.S. conservatives : 19

Percentage of male U.S. employees who prefer higher pay to job perks like free lunches, happy hours, or additional paid time off : 15

Of female U.S. employees : 34

Percentage of U.S. workers who plan on postponing retirement because of financial concerns : 52

Percentage by which abusing a voodoo doll of one’s boss lowers feelings of “injustice” among employees : 33

Average percentage win rate for a presidential administration in court cases involving the adoption of new regulations : 69

Percentage win rate for the Trump Administration, through March : 5.6

Percentage change in annual visitors to the National Portrait Gallery since the Obamas’ portraits were unveiled : +76

Percentage by which a selfie makes one’s nose look larger than it is : 30

Percentage of facial plastic surgeons who say their patients are motivated by social media : 57

Percentage decline in climate-change coverage from 2017 to 2018 on U.S. broadcast television news : 45

Ratio of the number of record-high temperatures in the contiguous United States from 1999 to 2018 to record lows : 2:1

Rank of last winter in the contiguous United States among the wettest in recorded history : 1

Portion of Americans aged 18 to 29 who think climate change should be taken into account when deciding to have children : 2/5

Percentage decrease from 1973 to 2017 in the size of the average American household : 15.6

Percentage increase in the square footage of living space per person over that same period : 88

Estimated number of homes that would need to be built annually in California to keep up with population growth : 180,000

Average number of homes that have been built there each year since 2007 : 80,000

Estimated minimum number of new Bay Area millionaires that will be created this year from tech I.P.O.s : 5,000

Percentage increase last year in venture-capital investment in A.I. startups : 72

Percentage of U.S. newspaper circulation accounted for by papers owned by investment groups in 2004 : 2

Today : 20

Tons of toilet paper that a German paper-products supplier stockpiled in the U.K. this year in case of a “no deal” Brexit : 661

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